Record Store Day 2015’s Best Releases, According to Sweat Records

An unprepared Record Store Day shopper is a disappointed Record Store Day shopper.

If one intends to totally carpe diem, as Latin-speaking RSD fans say, then it is absolutely necessary to compile an alphabetized and annotated list of potential purchases, wake up before dawn to empty all bank accounts, and get set to guard one's coveted stack of super-rare slabs against those dreaded, ever-lurking creatures known as “vinyl vultures.”

Now, we will all be alone in raising our Record Store Day money and defending our finds from scavengers. But for those seeking tips on what to buy for #RSD2015, there is help.

And obviously, the best advice comes from the people who spend every day of their lives in the indie shops, taking inventory, selling stuff, and providing guidance to the clueless and collectors alike. That's why we at New Times asked Sweat Records' staffers for Record Store Day 2015's best releases. Lauren “Lolo” Reskin’s Pick:

Supergrass' "Sofa (Of My Lethargy)"/"I Believe In Love" Seven-Inch
"Without a doubt, one of the best and most completely underrated rock bands of our time,” the Sweat owner says. "Lead singer Gaz Coombes just put out his first solo LP and it’s fantastic." Lauren “Lolo” Reskin’s Pick:

Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain LP
"I was completely obsessed with this album when it came out, right from the whistled intro of 'Lovely Head.' Subtle, smokey, electronic torch songs? Yes, please. I played it regularly in my warmup sets at Revolver at the old 1800 Club, RIP." Lauren “Lolo” Reskin and Emile Milgrim’s Pick:

Air's "Playground Love" Seven-Inch
"Such a gorgeous track,” Reskin enthuses. “Go watch the video with the singing wad of gum that features clips from Virgin Suicides, which this was on the soundtrack for, and the b-side is the upbeat 'Highschool Lover' version. Bonus points for orange vinyl.” And Sweat record buyer Emile Milgrim adds: "Sexy song, sexy band, sexy single. Nuff said.” Emile Milgrim’s Pick:

D’Angelo's "The Charade” Seven-Inch
"More sexy music in a compact format. D'Angelo came back with a vengeance this last year and I'm happy to throw my money at him.” Lauren “Lolo” Reskin’s Pick:

Dionne Warwick/The Stranglers' "Walk On By” Seven-Inch
"Anyone who knows me knows how much I love covers. (See my nearly 13-hour 'Curated Covers' playlist on Spotify.) Both these artists do Bacharach right in their own ways and I love the Doors-y organ solo on the Stranglers version.”  Emile Milgrim’s Pick:

Grizzly Bear’s Horn Of Plenty LP
"This is the only Grizzly Bear album I ever got into. Bonus points for the remixes coming with it. The Bomarr Monk remix of 'Deep Sea Diver' is worth its weight in underwater treasure." Emile Milgrim’s Pick:

Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brings the Flood LP
"In my opinion, this is her opus. Beyond excited to finally get a vinyl copy. I've been holding out for that teenage feeling." Emile Milgrim and Bootsie Castillo’s Pick:

When I Reach That Heavenly Shore: Unearthly Black Gospel, 1926-1936 Triple LP (Various Artists)
"This is the stuff I completely drool over,” Milgrim says. "You want some of the most real music ever recorded? It's blues and gospel from this era. Tompkins Square are pros at these comps, but they don't press them to vinyl. Very excited to own this collection and play along on tambourine. I'm not joking.” And Sweat’s Bootsie agrees: "There is nothing like good ol’gospel. The older stuff just has a way of hitting you."

Jason Jimenez’s Pick

J Dilla's “Fuck the Police” Seven-Inch
"Badge-shaped picture disc of Dilla's classic anthem from 14 years ago protesting the police corruption that has only gotten worse in the present day." Jason Jimenez’s Pick:

Run The Jewels' "Bust No Moves” Twelve-Inch
"A new twelve-inch single from the supergroup of El-P and Killer Mike who put out one of my favorite albums from last year." Jason Jimenez’s Pick:

Stooges' Have Some Fun: Live at Ungano’s Live LP
"The first time this live performance from Iggy Pop's legendary band has been released on vinyl." Ale Campos’ Pick:

Polaris' Music From the Adventures of Pete & Pete LP
"Pete & Pete was one of my favorite shows growing up. I still watch a few episodes whenever I'm feeling nostalgic. I remember thinking as a kid how cool it would be to play in a band like Polaris. Although they're somewhat fictional, this band definitely left an impression on me as a child, and to this day, I find myself singing along to this record at the top of my lungs whenever I wanna feel nice." Ale Campos’ Pick:

Brand New's Deja Entendu Double LP
"Don't judge me. This was probably, if not most definitely, my favorite record in the 7th grade, and to this day. It helped me get over my first ‘boyfriend.' We ‘dated' for a week and he ditched me for an 8th grader, sigh. Anyway, this record is full of really awesome emotional lyrics that will probably always be relevant. It's great when a band can beautifully capture all these feelings and say what I sometimes can’t." Ale Campos’ Pick:

Electric Wizard's Time To Die LP
“Ah, yes, Electric Wizard — the band that introduced me to stoner metal. Just crank this record on a set of good speakers (or on your headphones) and you'll be soaring in a warm doomy blanket surrounded by fuzz and reverb. Before you know it, you'll be nodding back and forth to the same tasty riff that's been playing for the last seven minutes." Ale Campos’ Pick:

Carcass' Choice Cuts Double LP
"I have a soft spot for death metal/grindcore. This band will make you want to toss some furniture around, which I think is a great quality for a band to have. I learned this thanks to my good friend, George Geanuracos of Homestretch, Yankee Roses." Bootsie Castillo’s Pick:

Otis Redding's Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul Double LP
"Otis Redding has always pulled my heartstrings in the way his voice has so much pain. So I'm always stoked for any comps of his that come out." Bootsie Castillo’s Pick:

Buena Vista Social Club's "Chan Chan” Seven-Inch
"This has to be my all-time favorite BVSC track. It always sounded so evil and dark to me. Also, what can be more Miami than some BVSC!"
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