Rahsaan Releases his Fly Paper Mixtape

Miramar-based rapper Rahsaan is quickly showing himself to be one of the hardest working MCs in South Florida. The Georgetown, Guyana-born, Brooklyn/Kendall raised lyricist has been on a tear lately, first hopping on the Rock the Bells tour with his crew, the Outfit, then linking up with Scheme Magazine to drop a mixtape last month, and recording a ton of tracks over the summer like this one with Mickey Factz.

Now he's back with even more new music from his long-awaited project, Fly Paper.

I've been listening to the mixtape for the past couple of days and it's real creative. The beats that Rahsaan chose for this run the gamut from a crazy "Planet Rock" remix on "Dressed to Kill to a slick rendition of Biggie's "Me and My Bitch," which his hilarious based on the Robin Harris comedy skit that's spliced into the songs intro.

He mixed the project with DJ Self-Born and it's full of clever stand-up routines, recycled beats, and is definitely worth downloading if you're a fan of hip-hop.

Here's the full track listing:

And you can go here to download the mixtape in its entirety.

Also, on Thursday, September 25, Rahsaan is having a Fly Paper release party at PS14. For more info about that party, click here, but don't forget to download the album first and support a local artist.

-- Jonathan Cunningham

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