Radioboxer Talks Last Show Ever: "We Want That Final Experience"

It's a myth that all breakups are messy.

Just take Hialeah power-pop band Radioboxer, who announced a surprisingly amicable split last month.

"We are kind of disappointed to say there is not a scandalous reason for this decision," the four-member outfit admitted in its official goodbye letter to fans and friends.

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"No internal quarrels, no substance abuse problems, backstabbing, Yoko Onos in the mix, or monster egos battling it out during practices."

But things have gotten way less friendly in the run-up to the last show ever, right? "Nope, we're cool," Jota Dazza tells New Times. "The only reason we're ending the band is because we want to do music in a different way that's not what Radioboxer is or was for us."

In fact, the only drama that should be expected from this week's farewell gig at Will Call is the likelihood of frontwoman Vanne's stage antics going slightly awry.

"Our plan is always simple. We have the confetti and the lights. That's kind of a staple," Jota says. "But most of the craziness is just whatever stunts that Vanne decides to do. She never tells. And we don't really want to know. Because we would be nervous and freaking out," he laughs.

"Every time after a show, she's like, 'Did you see when I climbed the bar? And when I fell from that guy's shoulders? And when I broke that chair?' And we all just shrug and say, 'No, we didn't.'"

Of course, though, this Saturday's show won't be just another wild, chair-breaking Radioboxer gig. "It definitely doesn't feel like just another gig," Jota . "It's the end of a chapter. And we want that final experience. We want to rekindle the connection with our fans and friends for just one more night."

Radioboxer's Last Show Ever. With the Vilifiers. Saturday, May 25. Will Call, 700 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-577-5900 or visit willcallmiami.com.

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