Racist Chris Brown Dresses Like a Terrorist, Says "Ain't Nobody F$@*ing with My Clique"

What two things do Chris Brown and anradical Islamist terrorist have in common? Easy! They both treat women like shit and occasionally wear the same clothes.

Still struggling to trigger the think-before-you-act part of the brain that humans typically rely on for day-to-day life, Breezy thought it'd be a good idea to make a mockery of the war-torn Middle East and dress up like a Jihadist for Halloween.

Best of all, he convinced his friends to join in on the stereotyping too!

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Filtered only by an Instagram photo effect ("Early Bird" or "Rise," we're not certain), Brown chose to reveal his crew's controversial costumes last night on the popular social media site.

"Ain't nobody Fucking wit my clique!!!" Breezy wrote under the picture.

But blanket threat notwithstanding, this crew of wannabe Taliban goons is basically non-threatening.

Complete with prop artillery, fake beards presumably manufactured in Indonesia, and Afghan scarves allegedly borrowed from Busta Rhyme's 2008 "Arab Money" video shoot, Brown's terror squad is about as convincing as Mitt Romney's economic recovery plan.

Unlike real terrorists, Breezy's bad boys use hashtags to draw attention to their cause, rather than full-blown acts of violence. And instead of suicide bombings, they're photo bombing.

However, don't be surprised if video of Brown degrading women on the streets of Los Angeles surfaces. After all, he's better than most terrorists when it comes to beating women.

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