R Kelly Sex-Tape Trial Begins

It seemed like this trial would never happen, but as of yesterday, R Kelly's child pornography trial finally began in Chicago. The famous R&B singer has managed to delay this trial numerous times to the point where the 14-year-old girl he's accused of performing lewd sex acts on camera with is now an adult. That alone is going to make getting a conviction hard for the prosecution when, at this point, the girl in the video looks like, well, a full-grown video vixen.

Early reports from the trial is that R Kelly's entourage was huge, three times what it was for jury selection--and his estranged wife, Andrea, who hasn't attended any of the legal proceedings with him so far was not there.

The best part is that apparently, prosecutors went straight for the jugular on the first day and showed the sex tape to the jurors. Most people thought the prosecution would save the tape for some dramatic moment, but nope. First day--urine to the face.

According to this story, most of the jurors looked appalled and so did R Kelly, who to this day, maintains he's never even seen the tape (that he stars in) and tried to look surprised by it's content. Give me a break. Unless R Kelly has a twin, it's him.

You can read more about the trial here and we'll try to keep you updated with any major news as it happens.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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