Q&A With Dre Films about Colosus' "Put That On Everything" Video


Here's a new music video from longtime Miami underground stalwart Colosus for his song "Put That On Everything." The video's produced and directed by Dre Films. In 1993 a video of this caliber would have used a big crew, a big budget, and been shot on film. In 2010 all it takes is an artist, his or her vision, a Canon 7d, and Final Cut. We spoke to Dre about his process. Here's what he had to say.

Crossfade: I see a lot of use and manipulation of focus in your work. Where'd you get that style from?

Dre: Nah, just like different videos and different directors, testing out the waters, and just trying different things to really give it that cinematic feel.

What locations did you use?

We used Club Ink, Urban Union Studios, and obviously the hood, Colosus' hood, which I can't give away that address.

What city?

Like North Miami.

How'd the story come about?

We wanted to do something different. We got a Jon J as a treatment writer. He wrote the story to it. We reviewed it with Colosus, he liked it, and we went from there.

Basically it's the story of the artist making it in the industry from the time of making a cd to a year later getting a record deal.

What are some other projects you're working on?

I have Lapdance and Champagne with Gunplay. J Dub from CTE. Iceberg and Young Breed. Those are videos that I'm gonna be working on this month.

How long you been doing this and how'd you get started?

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For about a year. One day I just picked up a camera and did a little editing in Imovie and I felt like I found my niche. I invested in a camera and bought the right programs, taught myself how to use them, and it just became my passion. I was always interested in movies and wanted to get into it somehow and this was the way. Anybody that's willing to work hard and has a vision and is creative could pull it off.

Shout-outs and contact info?

Thanks to the New Times, the305.com, 24hourhiphop, last rights, G Music, Maybach Music, Creative Seen, and Str8 Drop Records.

Anybody want a video, go to Drefilms.com or contact drefilms@gmail.com.

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