Q&A with DJ EFN; Charity Event with ¡Mayday! at Transit Lounge Tonight

¡Mayday! has a monthly gig at Transit Lounge where they host the night for one Friday each month. Well, that Friday is tonight. But this particular night at Transit will be extra special as the event will double up as a charity drive in support of Miami's homeless population. Live music featuring some of Miami's hottest hip-hop acts.

There is no cover charge, but event organizers are asking that you bring your old clothes, footwear, children's clothes, and/or school supplies to help the less fortunate of Miami. Its all for a good cause.

Crossfade caught up with DJ EFN, who helped put the night together along with a long list of other amazing contributors. We spoke a little about the goals for tonight's charity event at Transit. We also spoke about his company, his co-management duties with ¡Mayday! and the other artists he manages: Garcia and Heckler.

New Times: If you can introduce yourself and talk a little about what you do and about your company?

DJ EFN: My name is DJ EFN, I am founder of Crazy Hood Productions inc. and CHP Marketing & Promotions. Some know me as Miami's Mixtape King, which was a name given to me for being one of the first consistent mixtape DJs out of South Florida. I manage local artist such as Garcia, Heckler, and ¡Mayday! (which I co-manage with Kether of Latchkey and Drea of La Rue) as well as local producers Big Drain and Hazardis Soundz.

Through my marketing company I have worked with such companies and brands as Ecko, Def Jam, Bacardi, Ciroc, Atlantic, Tommy Boy, Epic, Sony, Gatorade, HP/Beats and many more. We manage regional and national campaigns as well as do consulting.

Like you mentioned, you're co-managing ¡Mayday!, who have been having an incredible year. How's everything looking with them?

¡Mayday! is an amazing band with extraordinary talents. We have had a great year and what we have in store for the upcoming year is even better! Mark my words that ¡Mayday! mania is approaching! Their new album, Stuck On An Island, is due out October 12. In anticipation of the album, we will be dropping some treats which include a mixtape sponsored by DJbooth.net, so make sure to look out for that.

You have also been working side by side with Garcia and Heckler for a number of years, how are they doing and what's next for them?

Garcia has had a bumpy year in terms of musical output, but he is back in the studio and back on stage which is most important. He has started a family and taken some time to deal with the family aspect of life. He currently has a free LP out by the name of Shattered Dreams, which is available on crazyhood.com and he is working on a new EP which should be out before the end of the year. Also check out his all new live set which includes OG (drummer) and DJ Fuse (turntablist).

Heckler who some might know from our first group DA ALL, is about to release his debut album No Joke. He has been very busy in the studio with our old friend Nick Fury HD of Liquid Shield, so be sure to look out for that. Heckler first single and video off the album will be a track produced by Liquid Shield called "Young Blood" and the video is directed by Dre FIlms.

I know that ¡Mayday!, Garcia and heckler will all be at Transit Lounge tonight for a special edition of the monthly night where you guys are collecting clothing, food and other goods for the homeless of Miami. How did this event come about?

Yes, all of them will be at Transit Lounge tonight for the charity event we are putting together for the homeless. This event and idea came up while I was shooting the video "My Attribute" with Dre Films for Capone-n-Noreaga. We went around filming homeless people for some b-roll footage. During that process I was immediately taken back by the numbers of people sleeping on the sidewalk. I also felt bad about filming these people. Don't get me wrong we got their permission and even paid them but it just didn't feel right. I figured that as easy as it is for me to go out and film these people and use their plight for our video is as easy as it should be to do something positive for them. So that same night I was ranting on twitter about how I felt and decided I wanted to do an event and a documentary to inform people about our homeless problem. Immediately ¡Mayday! and my partner Drea chimed in on my tweets and we quickly decided that ¡Mayday!'s monthly at Transit Lounge would be the best spot to do the event.

What can we expect from tonight's event? And what are your goals as far as the charity aspect?

You can expect the best show on earth which starts with ¡Mayday!. Then you can expect an arsenal of some of Miami's top MCs. I've invited Saheed, Bizerk, LMS, Jnic$, Omniscient, to join Heckler and Garcia in a live jam session remix of "Shattered Dreams". We will also have Miami pioneering graff writer Trek Six doing live painting at the event.

The main goal of the night is to create awareness and inspire other locals to do charitable things. The event is free to the public and all we are asking is that people bring their old clothes, footwear, children's clothes, and school supplies to be donated to the homeless. We know in these tough times people don't have money to donate, but we all have old clothes laying around in our closets so why not give it to someone who needs it.

Now as far as you, what other side projects have you been working on?

Besides ¡Mayday!, Garcia, and Heckler I have always worked closely with Capone-N-Noreaga. Their new album, The War Report 2, is in stores now. I am also working on two compilations of my own. One will be a re-release of original music off my mixtape catalog and the other one will be all new tracks. I am also dabbling in video production as I have co-directed a couple videos with Dre Films. I am calling these projects "DJ EFN Visual Mixtape Creations" so look out for more of those as well.

And lastly, we have also been very busy developing www.crazyhood.com, so please visit us and let us know what you think.

Any word if we'll ever see another official DJ EFN mixtape? Its long overdue...

The mixtape game is not the same as it was and I don't mean to sound like an old fogy but the game I was so passionate about is pretty much dead. You will see me do some here and there and I will always collabo with other DJs in doing so but I think that's about it. My mixtapes will now come in the form of compilations. Who knows, maybe I get inspired! [Laughs]

Any last words or shout outs?

I would like to shout out everyone involved. Shout to HipHopforlove.com, Community Partnership For Homeless, Last Rights, Dre Films, Crazyhood.com, 57thave.com, The305.com, 305hiphop.com, Ashleyoutrageous.com, Myxer.com, Ozone Magazine, Eclypse Oils, GamertagRadio.com, OTB, La Rue, Latchkey Recordings, DJ Sharpsound, J-Roc and Abebe of Circle House, Jack Daniels, and everyone at Transit Lounge!

Also make sure to check us out Sunday 8 p.m. at Grand Central for GamerTag Radio's Mafia II release party. The event will feature ¡Mayday!, Garcia and Heckler. And look out for Wrekonize's upcoming album A Soiree For Skeptics due out September 2010!

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