Q&A: Phresh James Speaks On His Just Practice Mixtape

Phresh James is an old soul, it seems; he's still young, but sounds mature beyond his years. His trademark smooth stylings, backed with even smoother beats, have earned him an increasingly wider audience and make him one of the standouts of the "New Miami" movement.

Crossfade caught up with Phresh James to see what he's been up to and to find out a little bit about his most recent mixtape, Just Practice, which you can download here. Read the Q&A below.

Crossfade: Phresh, so what have you been up to for this first half of 2010 and what's next for the remaining part of the year?

Aside from the amazing/beautiful birth of my son and being a dad, I've been working on music day in day out. I recently released Just Practice, a miniature project of me basically letting emotions fly. Believe it or not, it was after the release that I decided to delete my entire notes library - which I wish I hadn't done [Laughs] As for the remainder of the year, it's just ideas, records, shows, and work. A fresh start you could say.

If you can, discuss Just practice a little bit further. Can you talk about the concept behind it and motivation to release it?

Like I said, it was just me expressing myself the best way I knew how. The listeners/people who appreciate my music, family, and dear friends are my motivation believe it or not. Between me being on features and them asking when the next project was dropping, I had no choice but to release it. I suppose you could call it a heart to heart for all those interested in taking a listen. 

And you have an interesting selection of beats on there. How'd you end up picking those?

To be completely honest with you, a majority of the beats chosen were heart felt joints I always told myself I'd return to and write over, like Blu and Exile's "Dancing In The Rain"; when I first heard that record, it hit home! There were a few joints on there that the homie Fresh Nerd suggested I go in over; he's always got some dope beats in mind for freesylin' purposes. 

Speaking of Fresh Nerd, how's the C-9 family doing? I see you guys have a couple new additions to the crew?

Yeah, the C9 fam is holding it down as always. Golden, Personal, and Luc being the newest members to the team are bringing something original to the table - as we all are. At the end of the day, we're just artists inspiring one another; whether it be through rhyme, fashion, photography, etc.

What's next for you project wise?

Project-wise, STA is on its way!

You've done a couple shows recently, any highlights or funny stories or memorable moments from being on the road?

The funniest moment I recall was getting lost an hour before our set. I was sure we were going to miss it and I was furious, but at the end of the day we made it just in time; only to get lost a gagillion more times! [Laughs] It was some experience. Hopefully my navigation skills improve before the next gig. 

Last words and shout outs?

Of course; shouts to my beautiful family, my C9/Legacy Effect brothers and sisters, The305.com, all of my homies over at 8&9, Joe of Last Rights, and of course the listeners! Two Fingaz! Stay real, stay beautiful, stay blessed.

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