Q&A: Joe Cinnante of Last Rights Clothing On the Rising Show, Wednesday at Transit Lounge

The Rising is a new event going down this Wednesday, July 28 at Transit Lounge in Brickell. Spearheaded by Last Rights Clothing, C-9 and Pyramid Builders, the event is a new monthly devoted solely to showcasing local hip-hop artists.

The inaugural edition features performances by Ghostwridah, LMS, Murph and Saheed with sounds provided by DJ Aliyo and DJ K-Razor.

Crossfade caught up with Joe Cinnante of Last Rights Clothing to discuss the origin of the event, the artists involved, and plans for future editions. Read the full Q&A below.

Crossfade: The Rising looks like a promising new series of events to give local artists an outlet to perform. How did the event come about?

Joe Cinnante: It's something we've been wanting to do for a while now, but it's totally inspired by the artists themselves. There is amazing talent locally and not enough places to actually see them do their thing.

And you teamed up with C-9 and Numonics in putting it together? What's each of your involvements with the event?

Us all getting together for this just made sense. Thru casual conversation we all realized that we all wanted to help the scene and give everyone who loves hip-hop a home.

So what can we expect from the event?

You can expect good times and a dope show. It's a real laid back environment with no B.S attached. This is all about the artists and fans of music. If you haven't had the chance to see any of these guys live yet, you're in for a real treat. We're inviting everyone and anyone who loves good music to come out and support "The Rising". Share this with us and help put our local rising talent on the map!

Are you planning on continuing to do more The Rising events and if so, can you give any details on your future plans and etc?

We would love to keep "The Rising" going, but that really all depends on the fans. The more people that come out and support it, the more life these shows are going to have. We already have a line up set for the second show date and are looking forward to future shows. If anyone wants to get down and perform, email us at info@therisinglive.com.

You have Last Rights Clothing and you have been really using your brand to not only put on shows like The Rising, but you've also helped by sponsoring and helping with the careers of Ghostwridah, Mayday and countless others. What are you trying to achieve by doing so and what are your goals for Miami's hip-hop scene?

We're just fans of music. We like GOOD music and these guys are specialists in making just that. They're all good people too which is important. If there is anything we can do to help out, we do it. It all tends to happen very naturally. South Florida could be a hip-hop powerhouse, the talent is here. All we need to do is work together and the rest will take care of itself.

Any last words or shout outs in regards to the event?

I would like to thank everyone involved in putting this show together. The whole C9 family and Numonics have put in a lot of work in order to make this happen. A big thank you to all the sponsors involved and especially to Transit Lounge. They have been very supportive of what we're trying to build here. They get it. Thank you to the guys over at Shoe Gallery and the Scratch Academy who will be giving away some dope gifts throughout the night.

Most importantly shout out to the artists. Ghost, LMS, Murph and Saheed, who are all amazing and we're proud to have them involved. And lastly, thank you to all artists out there doing their thing! You are the inspiration that is making this happen.

The Rising. 11 p.m. Wednesday July 28. Transit Lounge, 729 SW 1st Ave., Miami. Miami, FL 33130. Admission is $5; age 18 and up with ID. 305-377-4628; transitlounge.us

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