Q&A: 99 Jamz's DJ Entice Has Clearly Already Won

Known for taking up your airwaves everyday at 5:00 PM for WEDR's Drive At 5 mix, DJ Entice has been a South Florida mainstay for many years now. He caused a little bit of chaos a couple weeks ago when he exclusively premiered the unofficial, yet street-official Miami heat anthem "We Already Won" by the Poe Boy family, Ball Greezy and Desloc.

As of late, DJ Entice has taken on the role of being Flo-Rida's official DJ. So seeing Entice alongside for Flo during their various performances on national talk show circuit is a normality. Just last week, they did the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And next week, they're headed back to Los Angeles and New York for sets on the Today Show, BET, So You Think You Can Dance, the Wendy Williams show and more.

Well, Crossfade decided to catch up with Entice while back in Miami and we discussed a couple things, including his current Top 5, an iPhone and Blackberry cell phone case he designed (and due for release in August) and his ongoing charity:water initiative that he's a part of to help bring water to impoverished nations around the world. All that and more. Read the interview after the jump.

Crossfade: You exclusively premiered "We Already Won" on your mixshow on 99 Jamz. It was an ode to Lebron James' recent pairing with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. And I saw you guys all perform the song at the Zo & Wade's Summer Grove basketball game. How has the response been for the song?

Flo called me at 7:00 AM on the morning after the signing and said he had an exclusive record for me. I premiered it on 99Jamz, and it has been requested ever since. Its been dubbed the 'Miami Heat's Unofficial Anthem'. 

Favorite thing about Miami? 

It's the USA's version of Ibiza. Bottom line, Miami is a party city and the woman are beautiful! 

Top 5 songs you're spinning right now: 

1) Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me
2) Usher - OMG
3) Young Jeezy - Lose My Mind
4) Drake featuring Lil Wayne - Miss Me
5) Git Fresh - She Be Like

So any music related projects that we should expect in the near future? 

There is definitely an album on deck, but you'll have to wait for that surprise. Production is always at full-speed in my studio and we definitely have a lot coming up with the Strong Arm. 

Aside from what you do on the regular in the music side of things, can you talk a little about the "charity:water" campaign and how you ended up getting involved with it? 

Basically, charity: water is doing HUGE things to globally impact the necessity of water in Africa and other impoverished nations. I learned from them that with their project to build clean water wells, that $20 can provide clean water for one person for 25 years. That seemed incredible to me - and one well costs $5,000. My management worked with [charity:water] on several occasions and I really, really liked the cause...so I took action. They have an extension of their project called MyCharityWater.org and I expressed my interest to team up with them for my birthday this year. With that said, on June 4th, we launched the initiative and when we reach the goal, we will celebrate with my long overdue birthday party. No amount is too big or too small. From $1 to $100, every little bit counts. The site to donate is www.DJEnticeWishingWell.com. 

You also have a cell phone case series that you've worked on as well. Can you talk a little about that? 

I have inked a deal with an incredible phone case company that produces premium cases for phones and computers. I designed the case along with the company and the design is pretty much finalized. The pre-sale site is coming real soon. We have it officially going on sale on or around late-August. It will be available for the iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Bold - and we are already discussing versions for the iPad and BlackBerry Curve. And people have actually already been asking me where to buy the cases because Flo Rida and myself both already have them on our phones. And we just received the news a few days ago that distribution will include Best Buy - so that's exciting. But the MOST important thing about the case is that we will definitely donate a percentage of the earnings to the charity:water project. 

Last Words and/or shout outs?

Shout to Freezy, Flo Rida, Brianna, Git Fresh, White Frames, E Class, Strong Arm DJs, Sandra Jacquemin, my parents, Vencer Corp....and last but never least, ALL of my supporters! And final word: Stay Humble. Never lose yourself.

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