Put Down Your Cherry Garcia: There's a Jerry Garcia Biopic in the Works

Grateful Dead fans can now rejoice! Jerry Garcia is making it to the big screen. Well, sort of.

The late Jerry Garcia that we've all heard of or grown up listening to will not  make it to the big screen himself, for obvious reasons. Neither will the persona that we've come to know as Jerry Garcia in his later years.

A Garcia biopic is in the works, produced by Eric Eisner (yes, son of the former Disney head honcho), Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa (who also produced Little Miss Sunshine). But it'll touch upon his early life before joining the band that's made him a household name -- and a delicious Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor.

Though the Grateful Dead has already been done in the form of several

documentaries, this will be the first feature-length story strictly

about Garcia. We're guessing it will be more Ray than Walk the Line,

as a lot of traumatizing stuff happened to the young Garcia -- namely

losing two thirds of his right middle finger in an accident with an axe, losing his father, and being

uprooted to live with his grandparents so his mom could run a bar.

Our big question though: What mainstream actor will they pick to play the Grateful Dead frontman? Whoever it is, we hope they don't go crazy like Joaquin Phoenix did after Walk the Line.

Check out some old, classic Jerry Garcia below.


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.