Push Fridays at Steam Miami: "Downtown for the Locals"

The work week can be tough. It can be boring. And just when you're ready to let loose, the weekend can be expensive, especially when you live in Miami and suffer from a bass addiction.

Thankfully, there's a new surge of locals-only parties on the downtown club scene, and Push Fridays at Steam Miami is your DWNTN dealer movin' homegrown beats, live art, tasty noms, and solid drink specials.

So far, Push, produced in conjunction with Humans Alike, has booked local faves like Oscar G and Harry Romero, but they do bring talent from the wider world too. The vibe is a blend of house subgenres and techno. But it's not so much about any particular sound as the vibe.

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"Whatever Friday you come," says Steam's General Manager John Fortini, "you're going to have an experience that's not just based around one particular thing."

Marketing Director Matthew Ohashi adds: "We push people to do different things, to bring in something different."

While the party runs wild inside, it's the outdoor patio that gives locals their break. Push hires live artists on occasion to liven up the atmosphere, and every week without fail, hungry dance fiends can fill their bellies with Chef Moe's catered BBQ on the back patio. Featuring vegan black bean burgers, churrasco steak sandwiches with aioli, truffle fries, and other awesome dishes, it's not your average finger food.

"He takes a lot of pride in his food," Ohashi says. "He's legit. For just being a stand-alone caterer, he really makes it happen."

As far as drinks, the specials vary from week to week, usually running along some theme with the featured DJ. It could be $5 tequila shots or mixed drinks, but the goal is giving the party people some bang for their buck. Add Push's open guest lists for free entry until midnight, and you're doing alright.

"We feel the South Beach area is targeted more to the tourists. So if we keep downtown for the locals, we'll have bigger support here," Fortini says. ""We want people to feel like they're spending their money in their hometown."

For Steam and the crew, the goal is to give your weekend the Push start it needs, whoever you may be.

"All walks of life, all different types of music," Ohashi says. "We're open to everyone."

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Push Fridays. Every Friday. Steam, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. Free with guest list before midnight or $10 for men and free for women. Ages 21 and up. Call 786-516-3393 or visit

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