Punk Legends The Independents To Play Churchill's Halloween Weekend

Photo by Bob Gruen
The Independents circa '97.
We're a little sick and tired of people sportin' mall-bought Ramones t-shirts just to be ironic. Most of those kids have no idea who Sheena is, let alone that she was a punk rocker. They weren't enrolled in rock 'n' roll high school, they never wanted to be sedated, and have never even danced the Blitzkrieg Bop. Just sayin'.

For those of you who subscribe to a purer breed of punk rock, South Carolina crew The Independents is making its way to the Sunshine State on Halloween. Appropriate, considering the band's various dancing skeleton and bat logos.

The crew's been around since the early '90s, and it was championed by

Joey Ramone himself, who believed in The Independents so much that he managed

this little pack from its start until his death in '01. He even produced its 2002 album Back From the Grave. Talk about a punk


The now four-piece -- fronted by founders Evil Presly and Willy B -- will be making their way to the Churchill's stage on October 31, with more bands to be announced as the date nears.

The Independents. Sunday, October 31. Churchill's, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. 305-757-1807;

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Christine Borges