PrunkTV with Mayor Cindy Lerner

"Any musician certainly can come in with their own sound system."

Why does 2010 feel so awesome? Time is flying by like a space shuttle. I keep getting into these long "chats" on Facebook with people that I haven't seen or heard from in almost 20 years...

PrunkTV recently met up with The Honorable Cindy Lerner, Mayor of Pinecrest Village on a cold and rainy afternoon at Pinecrest Gardens. It is right next to the new Pinecrest Library, where I checked out a bunch of books about Freemasonry. I followed the Mayor into the gardens (located on the former site of world famous Parrot Jungle ), and through a gate, to a point where she revealed an abandoned 500 seat outdoor-amphitheater, still haunted by the ghosts of bicycle riding parrots. We discussed renovation of the space, in order to use it as a venue for future theatrical and musical events. Standing in that cold rain interviewing the Mayor, my imagination tuned into a high frequency. Is this how an archeologist feels while excavating an ancient coliseum? Is this where they filmed that "Mach 2" scene in Spinal Tap (Looks just like it!)?

Since Parrot Jungle relocated to Jungle Island, the "Banyan Bowl" has been an empty shell waiting to breathe new life. This is history in the making, so let's make it! Mayor Lerner is looking for actors, dancers, poets, artists, and musicians of all kinds to perform in the soon-to-be venue. Have you been dreaming of hosting your own open-mic? Have you written an opera and need a place for the performance? Are you an aspiring folk musician? Maybe this would be the perfect venue for you to read your poetry? Be a visionary. Send your ideas and/or proposals to: mayorlerner@gmail.com. This could really be something fantastic. See ya.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.