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Prunk TV's Greatest Hits: David Banner, Rick Ross, Melo, Mack Maine, and Lil Jon

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First off, I want to congratulate David Banner (featured in this week's episode of PrunkTV after the cut) on his induction into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame, alongside Elvis, B.B., and Muddy!

David Banner was one of my favorite interviews. We just drove around Miami for hours and talked. Usually, the artists are accompanied by some sort of entourage. But it was just David, me, and my video camera that night.

We talked for hours about suicide, drugs, homosexuality, being homeless, and making money.

The PrunkTV episode below has some other highlights of various interviews that I have done over the past couple of years. It has unseen footage that I came across while cleaning out my computer's Recycle Bin last night. Getting rid of so much shit, slowing my PC down and making me angry!

Shout out to McDonald's, especially Chris Oliveira and Helen Rosa, the night managers that let me stay in this particular Mickey D's long after closing time, for their free Wi Fi. Yes, I am a sell out!  At this McD's they give me free food and beverages all night. Iced coffee and apple pie! They bring it to me and I don't even ask. I always pull out money to pay for it, but they don't take my money 'round here. As Bukowski said, "Sometimes it all just makes sense."

I hate to say it, but this fast food restaurant has become my night office. I'm lovin' it! And why do I always seem to develop crushes on female fast food workers? Remember that time ODB got arrested at a McDonald's? BTW, they're currently playing Björk in this Mickey D's! Weird!

Three Iced McCafes and still going! Check out this McDonald's commercial featuring my BFF Seth Menachem. Yes, that's him getting on the bus! He grew up right here in Miami, and we both graduated from Killian High School. Go Cougars!

Another side note: They're playing John Mellencamp's Pink Houses on the soundsystem. Ain't that America? Before that, they were playing Simon & Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson! "Jesus loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo..."

Also in the above episode of PrunkTV is my interview with The King of Crunk, Lil Jon, whose publicist sent me an email last week about this hilarious new cartoon that he's doing where he makes a macaroni sculpture of Whoopi Goldberg! Come on now!

Young Money president Mack Maine is Prunk's greatest hits as well, beating me up in the studio about a year ago. This was my first attempt to get a verse from Lil Wayne on a President song. I am getting closer, dear readers! Next week on President's Day, I will be in the studio with another Cash Money artist ... So stay tuned for that!

OK, so I'm still at McDonald's and they're playing Prince's "Rasberry Beret"! How awesome is that?!

Source Magazine's Man of the Year and local heart throb Rick Ross is part of Prunk's greatest hits too, baby. And we all just love The Boss. In the video, he takes a hit of his blunt and blows the smoke in my face. I did not smoke weed with that man! Or did I?

And last but not least, there is an interview I did with Denver Nugget (I swear, as I wrote that a lady ordered chicken nuggets!) soon-to-be-Laker or -Knick Carmelo Anthony. Because of that interview, I am a Denver (chicken) Nuggets fan (for now). Melo is just such a great person and I wish him luck with his upcoming "decision." The rumor right now (for those of us with an inside scoop) is that Melo will be playing for the Lakers next year! Wow. Kobe and Melo on the same team is just disgustingly sexy. Of course, I love the Miami Heat, and pretty soon I will be interviewing Lebron! He is going to sign my guitar! I swear!

Thanks for watching Prunk TV. I love you. I think I drank too much McCafe. Good night, sweetheart. They are playing Blues Traveler in here right now, and I really do not like that band! I'm out!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.