Prunk TV with Melo (a.k.a. Carmelo Anthony)

Carmelo Anthony spoke with Prunk TV recently at a party in Miami. He was promoting his hip-hop label, Krossover Entertainment. Melo won a gold medal in Beijing last year, but who really cares, when the Miami Heat crushed the Atlanta Hawks like a bunch of grapes on Saturday. Dwayne Wade is really one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Doesn't Beasley look awesome with his new cornrows? Lil Wayne was at the Nuggets/ Hornets playoff game on Saturday, and I was praying in front of the TV set that Melo would make that game-winning shot. Damn! Tonight, I will be watching both games at the same time (Nuggets/Hornets, Heat/Hawks). Unless you want to give me a ticket. Send me a twitter, and we'll have a beer....

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