Prunk TV: Lil Wayne Gets Locked Up Today, Cash Money Relocating to New York

Life is a fucked up game. You're winning Grammys, performing at sold -out arenas around the world, smoking blunts all day, wearing a million-dollar watch, and living on your own planet one minute. Next thing you know, you're arrested, then sentenced, and floating down shit's creek without a paddle. Weezy is going to spend some time on Rikers, before they send him upstate to prison for his eight-to-12 month sentence.

The whole Cash Money family is relocating to New York, because Birdman aka "Daddy" plans on visiting his "son" at least once a week. Miami will miss Cash Money. I am lucky to say that I spent some time in the studio with them, watching and learning. Whenever Wayne came in, I was asked to put my camera away, and I always respected that. Just watching him in the studio was incredible. Check out the above video, and see what his sound engineers do all night. We are lucky to be alive while an artist like Lil Wayne is here. I encourage everyone reading this to send Lil Wayne letters while he is locked up. Don't forget the best rapper alive. See ya.

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