Prunk TV: Kevin Rudolf

Imagine if cyberspace had existed when Andy Warhol was alive. He would have been a vlogger, I'm sure. This one is for you Andy! The entire video below was made with my one-and-only Prunk Phone (my friends call it a "ghetto iPhone").

"Drunk" Ken recently called Rollins on the Prunk Phone, because he saw Hank's number locked in. Ken hung up after hearing the man on the other line say, "This is Henry....Hello?" People love talking to rock stars, and Kevin Rudolf is definitely a contemporary rock super-star. LET IT ROCK!!! Kevin is on tour right now, and his tour bus is also his studio. He is part of the Cash Money family, and they do not stop working. That being said, if you listened to my Alicia Keys interview, you may have been able to tell that I was actually crying on the phone. At that point in my career, I did not know how to upload video from my cell phone. But now ladies and gentlemen, I can broadcast my every movement for whomsoever wants to see. God bless cyberspace! As Bob Dylan said, "Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast." (By the way, did you see that Time Magazine article where they compare rapper Lil Wayne to Bob Dylan?)

This Prunk episode is some real-reality vlogging. You can see the little pimples all over my face, and the cold sore on my lip. But this is Miami, son. I don't give a fuck.

Anyway, Kevin just kicked off his nationwide Let It Rock Tour, and he usually sends me a text after every show (he plays Las Vegas tonight). Last night, Kevin's text just said, "Beliedat!!!!!" He called me on a recent Tuesday morning as I drove home from a night of letting it rock. "People tell me all these kids come out to Let It Rock for their Bar Mitzvah. That's a great compliment to me. That means that my song is a part of their lives. They will use that song to define themselves," he said.

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