Pretty Lights With 12th Planet at the Fillmore Miami Beach, October 2

Pretty Lights

With 12th Planet, Sounduo and SuperVision

Fillmore Miami Beach

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Better Than: Pretty Lights has ever been.

The man known as Pretty Lights puts on one hell of a show. He's really gotta bring it with that kinda name. And he definitely lives up to the hype.

The Fillmore Miami Beach may have been one of his smallest venues on his Illumination Tour. But that doesn't mean the sold-out SoBe theater was rocking any less.

Plus, with support from his friends SuperVision, Sounduo, and 12th Planet, the kids certainly got enough jams.

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We got there as the American King of Dubstep, L.A. bass monster 12th Planet, was finishing up his set. The air was full of excitement and high-octane womp-womps as the DJ kicked out the jams from small decks in front of the stage's red curtain.

The place was totally packed, from the pit on the floor to the second-level balconies, and ushers tried desperately to wrangle party kids out of the aisles.

Before leaving for the night, 12th dropped his ultimate banger "Reason" and the crowd went wild. Smoke billowed up from the edge of the stage as the whole place lost its collective mind.

"Now who's ready for the main DJ," he yelled into the mike. "Who's ready for Pretty Lights?"

Everyone was certainly ready, but there was still time for a smoke break and bar run before the main act would begin.

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But when the curtain finally did rise, the wait became well worth it. The production level of Pretty Lights' tour is nothing short of stunning. The Colorado-based performer sweats out the beats from an ever-flashing booth surrounded by city-scape towers of varying heights.

Behind him was a bright, iridescent organ pipes, and the whole back of the stage was one giant screen, producing different images of nature, life on the streets, or sometimes just abstract shapes, colors, and feelings.

Yet even with all that flashy get up, the music was the main attraction, and the bass from the speakers penetrated all the bouncing bodies, shaking them down to their bones.

"Miami," he shouted over and over throughout the night to thunderous applause. The kids of this town definitely love them some glitch-hop neo-soul shit, that's for sure.

He worked through his collection of songs, from "I Know the Truth" to "PL vs. Radiohead vs. Nirvana vs. NIN." The man was dressed in all black, bouncing and bobbing constantly behind his Mac, touching the lid of his cap and throwing his head back, lost in the sound.

He even premiered a new track for the kids he'd just finished up, accompanied by visuals of beautiful, relatable every day things his girlfriend and he filmed on the road. It's those kinds of magical, over-looked simplicities that Pretty Lights is all about.

"I'm taking you way back," he called as his set came near its end. "Back to some 2006 shit."

The crowd cheered as he went into his soulful favorite "Moving Forward," which features the same Etta James sample as "Le7els." He cut the music and let the crowd sing about that good feeling they sometimes get. In the darkness, couples cuddled and friends felt closer in the moment.

But all good things must come to an end, and 12:45 a.m. was Pretty Lights' last call. The party wasn't over, everyone stood on the grass contemplating afterparty options, and surely the artists themselves kept the vibe going somewhere. But the ushers finally had time to clean the place. They were probably pretty stoked to see the crazy kids leave, but it's never goodbye forever.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I've seen Pretty Lights quite a bit over the years and this latest version of his setup is definitely next-level.

The Crowd: Fresh-faced youngsters hungry for heavy bass and electro-funk-soul-hop fusion beats.

No Lie: He probably yelled out "Miami" 30 times.

Kelsea "Jude" Caballero Says: "Pretty Lights was absolutely incredible! I had a phenomenal time. The sound was outrageous."

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