Pouya on Life Before Rap: "No Hoes ... No F$&@ing Food"

Over the last few years, Twitter has become the diary of almost everyone's lives, where we air out personal grievances or document what we ate for lunch.

But Kevin Pouya, the 18-year-old rapper known simply as Pouya, prefers to use it for more practical purposes, especially with his female fans.

"On Twitter, I like to get buck and tell bitches I want to fuck straight up," he says. "And nine times out of ten, they tell me to come through, and sometimes they be like, 'Naw, I respect myself too much, but I fuck with your music.'"

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Pouya's attempts aren't always unassisted. The "Get Buck" rapper makes full use of his 6000-plus loyal followers to get the attention of women he has his eyes set on. Pouya recalls one in particular named Little Miss Raider.

"I just tell all my fans, 'Yo, tweet this girl. Tell her to fuck with me,'" says Pouya. "And then they started telling her and she followed me, then I followed her. She's like, 'Who the fuck is Pouya?' And I quoted that shit. I'm like, 'Go ahead, tell her.'"

And they did. But even with songs such as "Gotta Go" and "You Know I Know (I Wanna Fuck)" off his Baby Bone EP, Pouya is more than willing to admit he "got no hoes" before rapping and says if it weren't for Twitter he'd probably end up a 40-year-old virgin. Funny how a couple mixtapes attract the opposite sex.

"When I first started rapping, I wasn't even rapping about bitches," Pouya remembers. "I was rapping about real shit like eating mac 'n' cheese and shit, because I didn't have no fucking food."

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Social media has done more than help Pouya get laid. It helped him affiliate himself with fellow South Florida rapper Robb Bank$. Initially aligning himself with Raider Klan, Bank$ heard some his music and became a fan. Not one to put business first, Pouya formed a friendship prior joining Bank$'s label, Smart Stunnas.

One of the biggest benefits? More fans and followers.

"He doesn't even know it, but when he tweets me, I get followers," said Pouya. "When he says, 'Go check out Pouya's mixtape,' people go check it out."

Along with a bigger fanbase, Pouya's alliance with Bank$ and Smart Stunnas has also helped him get shows outside of Florida. After a couple of gigs in Los Angeles, Pouya was introduced to Cool Kid and Bank$'s friend Sir Michael Rocks.

Since connecting in L.A. and Rocks moving to the Miami area, the two have continued to work together, with fun, not business, being the emphasis of every recording session.

"When we work, man, it's not like on no professional shit," says Pouya. "It's more on the fun side. As homies, 'Oh, you want to do a track? Yeah, let's do it.' And fucking laugh in the studio, bring some bitches through and just chill."

Fans can expect Pouya to be on Rocks' upcoming album, Banco, as well as a joint mixtape.

Until then, avid tweeters can view Pouya get buck on Twitter by following him at @Pouyalilpou. It'll be worth it.

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