Poplife Says Goodbye to White Room

Poplife has never really been a faithful lover, so White Room should have seen this coming from a mile away. We heard the rumors weeks ago, but we were told it was off the record. However, today we received word via press release that Saturday's event with Black Moth Super Rainbow will be Poplife's last at the venue.

As for where its moving to, no word on that yet. In fact, Poplife is going on hiatus for the month of August and taking the party on the road to Chicago and New York. This isn't the first time the party took a break: it was absent as it transitioned from Post to Pawn Shop and again from Pawn Shop to White Room in 2007 -- but if you want to get into technicalities, Poplife's Pawn Shop period could be regarded as an extended hiatus since the party, which was a partnership between Supermarket Creative and Poplife, was called Dirty Disco.

You can go to sleep at night knowing the press release confirms that Poplife will return the first week of September at a new venue. Let's hope the downtown party stays, well, downtown.

This does leave one question unanswered: what will happen White Room without a strong party to anchor it? Let's hope it has something in the works, because venues like it in this city are rare.

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