Pool Party Bringing Xmas in July to Churchill's Pub Tomorrow Night

​There's much mystery surrounding the Miami band Pool Party. Who are they? What are they doin'? And why don't they ever play shows?

According to one of the band's frontmen, Creep Guirdo, not only are they shrouded in mystery, but also hyperbole. He dramatically states, "Like a warrior. That's how we do it."

In their nine years together, they've only performed live nine times. So this Friday's Xmas in July at Churchill's Pub is a very rare opportunity to spend a night with Pool Party. Don't miss it.

The four-man band consists of Guirdo on guitar and keys, Dick Dumb on bass, Hand Gloveless on guitar, and the drummer is The Lifeguard, AKA "Inner" Toobs Malloy. And their name was cemented one freezing February day, according to Guirdo, "‪after a brief dip in a public pool‬." Due to the cold weather, he said they decided to play guitars instead of cold-weather swimming, "and do mild and hard drugs."

When asked why they play so infrequently, he had two good reasons. The first is, "We don't want people to overdose on us like they do with other things they love, like cocaine or ice." The other is, "We don't like each other." Fair enough. But really, what's reason for so few concerts? "We are always globetrotting, playing at discos and Europe."

Now you might think that these guys have never played anywhere other than Churchill's. Not so. "That is a popular misconception!‬," says Guirdo. They have played there before, but Pool Party's first two concerts were at the Gables Pub. They also performed at the Vagabond and PS14.

In regard to some of the other bands helping to celebrate this sweaty holiday, Guirdo noted that he and his band are longtime fans of Bulletproof Tiger and To be Hated. They think Snakehole is really cool, and probably the best dressed band at this showcase. He told us that Someone and Somethings feature King of Fort Lauderdale and founder of Iron Forge Press Chuck Loose, noting also that the Soulbirds and Horrible Hounddogs are ‪"big-time party rockers from somewhere far away in Florida‬." Welcome to Miami, guys.

Pool Party shared with us a demo track called "Secret Wife," which you can download below. When we asked Guirdo what he was thinking when he wrote this song, he darkly admitted, "I got so wracked with guilt that I decided to not worry about statute of limitations and admit the damage I done ... And to look cool and tough. Bad guys are cool." Ain't that the truth?


Pool Party's "Secret Wife"

Come take a dip with Pool Party at Christmas in July with Snakehole, Horrible Houndogs, Bulletproof Tiger, Soulbirds, Someone and the Somethings, To Be Hated, The Gun Hoes, DJ Skidmark, and a surprise guest. Friday, July 29. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. Bring Santa hats and water wings! It's summer for fuck's sake! Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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