Plunge Into the Deathpunk Trenches With Turbo Tuesday, Churchill's Pub's Tribute to Turbonegro

​Norwegian party rockers Turbonegro get down like their lives depend on it.

And next Tuesday night, Churchill's Pub will host the latest edition of its monthly cover shows with a tribute to the denim demons themselves. You can expect lampshades worn like helmets, drinks hurled like grenades, and miserable corner-of-the-room vomiting as though induced by mustard gas circa WWI.

A smattering of local acts and cover-show regulars -- including Rock'N Roach and Dangerfun's Ian Michael -- will be kicking out the Turbo soundtrack. And here are five cuts that Crossfade hopes to hear.

5. "Armed and Fairly Well Equipped"

Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives LP, 1992

Turbonegro's genesis came as a speedy and crunchy yet buzzingly melodic punk rock crew that recalled a more metallic Hüsker Dü. Original vocalist Harry Neger's low-frills persona and appropriately monotonous half-shout are light years away from the theatrics the band would come to make its signature.


Never Is Forever LP, 1994

While not quite full-blown glam, Never is Forever marked Turbonegro's descent into a dark goth 'n' roll variant that'd be dubbed "deathpunk."

"Hobbit Motherfucker"

Ass Cobra LP, 1996

By the end of the '90s, these Norwegian party animals had found their sweet spot: smear bubble gum lip gloss glam all over the unwashed and puking snarl of nasty, late '80s hardcore.

"Get It On"

Apocalypse Dudes LP, 1998

By this point, Turbonegro's glam tendencies snowballed into Dad rock-approved righteous axe shredding, hair metal bombast, and the wardrobe of the Village People.

"Sell Your Body (To the Night)"

Scandinavian Leather LP, 2003

Like a black metal David Bowie, Hank Von Helvete's hard-glam aesthetic encapsulates the last decade or so of his band's unique take on rock and partying.

Turbo Tuesday: Tribute to Turbonegro with Club of Rome, Experiements by Mice, The Can't Stand Ya's!, and others. Tuesday, October 18. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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