Planeside has been slowly picking up momentum and accolades from peers and fans, and it's easy to see why. The rhythm section of Craig Sala (drums) and Ken Hirasaki (bass) has been at it since the boys' teenage years with Joni's Butterfly, a New England band whose name was borrowed from an electric sex toy. Once the Butterfly's batteries ran out, former roadie Dave Harris joined as singer and guitarist, and the three were rechristened with a far less suggestive moniker. Still, Planeside excels at being tight, loud, and powerful, and tempering its grungy, arena-metal influences so they never overwhelm. The band's sound was powerful enough that now-deceased Who bassist John "Never Leaving Las Vegas" Entwistle took 'em on tour for a spell. The band's second full-length, Milk, is on the way in March, so now is your chance to get off with them at either of their two South Florida shows.

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Abel Folgar

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