Plains Premieres New "Stains" Music Video: Pillow Fights, Wild Dogs, Funnest Road Trips

Life with Miami indie crew Plains is just a big bag of giggles and kibble.

Proof: The band's new music video for single "Stains," a short cinematic road diary that shows the guys having pillow fights in hotel rooms, hanging out in the woods with wild dogs, and playing music for people.

But what's the funnest part of Plains? "Hanging out with the guys is a lot of fun," says guitarist Jorge Gonzalez Graupera, who also directed this latest vid. "Max and Michael are really funny dudes. So I just kick back and laugh.

"We all get along really well, never fight, and share everything. That's pretty rare in a band."

Shot and edited by Gonzalez Graupera with extra footage from drummer Jorge Rubiera and ANR's Michael-John Hancock, the "Stains" clip shows Plains zipping around the United States of America in a van and throwing indie-rock parties in "Austin during the SXSW festival as well as other places, such as Fayetteville, Athens, Memphis."

Besides pillow fights, wild dogs, and the funnest road trips, we also get glimpses of the band bowling and bro-ing down. But naturally, Crossfade wonders whether there were any weird or explicit moments that couldn't make this final safe-for-work cut.

"Not really," Gonzalez Graupera insists. "We're a pretty wholesome bunch, though on this last tour we did indulge our taste for whiskey.

"And someone did ask me to cut out of a scene of them smoking ... A cigarette!" the guitarist and director laughs. "I think he was worried about his mom seeing him smoking.

"That's about as crazy as it gets on tour for us."

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