PL0T and Poplife Team Up for a Series of Secret Warehouse Parties in Miami

UPDATE: Due to medical reasons, Tale of Us will not be performing at this weekend's show. A statement from PL0T: "We are very sorry to announce that due to medical reasons, Tale of Us won't be able to perform in the U.S., this weekend and the shows are postponed. Matteo is seriously ill and tho recovering as fast as possible, has been advised by his Doctor to sit out from touring a little longer." The party will go on with Matrixxman as the headliner.

When Miami-based promoters PL0T began party planning in 2007, founder Rebeca Lange and her crew focused their efforts around some simple ideas.

“PL0T has been doing events in Miami for nine years. We decided nine years ago to produce events with music and people we love that was not being heard back then. It was always focused on beauty and the sounds of tomorrow.” That included bringing acts such as Nicolas Jaar and DJ Tennis to South Florida.
Last year, to celebrate their 8th anniversary, PL0T put together eight parties that were bigger in production and scale than anything they’d ever done before with specially curated lineups. This year, for 2016, they’ve doubled that number to sixteen with a singular goal in mind. 

“Today you could see Solomun and tomorrow you could see whatever the hell,” Lange says over the phone. “Don’t get me wrong, that’s amazing, but it’s stopped being special for people in a sense that it doesn’t matter if I go out today because tomorrow there’s going to be something amazing. It also stopped being about the music and the experience and more about, ‘Oh yeah, I did just go out,’ and that’s it.”

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    Currently, Miami has perhaps one of the most oversaturated EDM scenes in the country. It’s a huge business across the city with what seems like a rooftop pool party or a late night club event every day of the calendar. Lange and PLOT want to improve upon that.

    Their new party series, XY, finds PL0T and Miami live music gurus Poplife joining forces to create events that will once again feel “special.” The sixteen events won’t be specifically attached to any established venue and that’s where things get more interesting. In an effort to revisit and rekindle the early days of underground warehouse raves, several of the shows will be held at, well, warehouses.

    “The point is to once again create curiosity and to get people to go to other places in Miami. Our first party is going to be in Little River on March 5 in a warehouse…It’s a space that’s never been used before. It’s been there and I don’t know why people haven’t wanted to venture into Little River before. This is a proper warehouse that has a parking lot [Laughs].”

    The initial show will be held at a warehouse in the Little River neighborhood this Saturday (380 NE 59th St., Miami), and features the return of Berlin duo, Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte, better known as Tales of Us, and Matrixxman, a producer of dreamy techno from San Francisco. Future events will bring Âme, Henrik Schwarz, Job Jobse, Solar, and a number of intriguing artists throughout the year — plus even more surprises, including one later this year on Halloween. 

    With the The Tales of Us and Matrixxman XY party taking place in the Little River neighborhood, Lange and company are attempting to culturally revolutionize the area, much like what happened to Wynwood in its early days.

    “We love Wynwood; Wynwood is amazing. We’ve all grown in it. In a way, we’ve grown out of it, in the sense that everything has grown so commercialized and retail-based and very expensive. And you see that shift. I live in Buena Vista East. You see that shift with the houses, the galleries, the coffee shops, and whatever which gave life to the Wynwood that we know today, are immigrating to Little River. So with that said, we’re also trying to get people to go beyond the Art Walk, the Mana, and really discover other areas of Miami that are up and coming and truly amazing.”

    The tagline for XY is “expect the unexpected, detach from your nightlife routine, and awaken your curiosity once again,” but what that actually means in a practical sense comes down to the high-end quality of the production side, something Lange is very excited about.

    “You find great sound engineers for rock, indie, salsa, things like that, but I don’t think electronic music has been taken that seriously when it comes down to the technical side of things," she says. "That being said, we’re bringing really special production on each of the nights — based on the mood we want to create, based on the sound, based on the artist, based on the space as well. There’s a lot to be discovered. It’s really like painting, like creating your own canvas and creating your own world each night we do it.”

    Matrixxman. 9 p.m. Saturday, March 5, at 380 NE 59th St., Miami. Tickets cost $25 via residentadvisor.net

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