Pitchshifter is trying to earn a black belt in Digitsu, fusing breakbeats, schizo dynamics, and rapid-fire techno with industrial rock. Unfortunately its influences seem to only stretch back to early Nine Inch Nails with a pinch of Filter's sense of melody. And lyrically, save for the cryptic refrain "Science never sleeps" on the track "Super-Clean," these guys cover the same well-matted landscape trudged by most bands employing an 808: They are dragged down, misdirected, going too far, running on empty, shutting down, but there's nothing stopping them now. PSI, the acronym for Pitch Shifter Industries, is an angry factory after the last grunt has clocked out -- bolt-and-gear guitar progressions stopping on the dime, boiler-room drumming and sampling, and J.S. Clayden's throaty 4:00 a.m. DJ managing to penetrate past the static, stutters, and assembly-line low-E chug. PSI may get your head banging, but the next morning you won't remember why your neck is sore.

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Shawn Bean