Pitbull's Men in Black III Theme: Has Dat Lil Chico Ditched Calle Ocho and Gone Hollywood?

From the Los Angeles set of his "Back in Time" video shoot, Pitbull drops a big-screen bomb.

Having already conquered the international pop charts with hits like "Rain Over Me" and "Give Me Everything," Miami rapper and last week's subject of VH1's Behind the Music, Pitbull tells MTV News that (a) he's a huge fan of Will Smith and (b) has aspirations of co-starring with the Fresh Price of Bel-Air in a film some day.

"I think in every way, shape, and form, we'd love to follow in Will Smith's footsteps," Pit tells Music Television's news department. "We're working on the music for the movie, and hopefully, one day, we'll work in a movie together."

Pitbull's latest single, "Back in Time," is the official theme song of Smith's upcoming Men in Black III, the third film in the Men in Black trilogy. It's also the first time in franchise history that Will Smith is not providing the signature track.

The song, which samples Mickey and Sylvia's "Love is Strange" and features 15-seconds of dubstep, has left several folks scratching their heads. In an under 140 characters, the world reacted via Twitter. Was Pitbull the right choice for the MIB3 theme?

"Seriously... What the crap," writes Twitter user @noturBleirbaG. "Will Smith makes huge blunder (beyond filming MIB3) and gives theme song duties to PITBULL," quipped @DianeBix. "This is a tragedy."

Closer to home, however, the question isn't whether or not Pit ruined Men in Black, but rather has Dat Lil Chico ditched Calle Ocho and gone Hollywood?

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