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'Pitbull Sucks' Rant Scores 3.8 Million Views Overnight and Triggers YouTube Comment War

Pitbull is the latest celebrity victim of a cyber-bullying attack. The 31-year-old rapper was virtually panned on YouTube by an "underage" kid who calls himself the "#1 Taylor Swift Fan."

YouTube user F7Mx shits on everything from Pit's lyrics to his Spanglish catchphrases, even questions Armando Christian Perez's decision to name himself after the "ugliest dogs."

"Why would you call yourself Pitbull," the Mr. Worldwide hater asks, "instead of Jack Russell Terrier, German Shepard...?"

The attacks are brutal, tinged with hate, and peppered with profanity. The video's been viewed over 3.8 million times in just two days.

But the Pitbull army is violently defending its alpha dog, tagging F7Mx's comment wall with over 2,300 rebuttals. We've included some of our favorites below.

Kill 'em with the facts. What self-respecting man reps the Biebz, then shits on Pitbull for shoddy lyrics? Dale.

Dude's right ... Pit bulls are great pets. Miami-Dade needs to get off its high horse and repeal that stupid law.

Yeah, bro. Nothing gets a party going harder than "Rain Over Me."

C'mon man, really? A taxi joke? That's low. Mr. Worldwide wouldn't appreciate that.

Get off your webcam and go pop bottles, hater.

Beats are totally overrated.

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