Pitbull Joins "VEVO 100 Million Certified" Club, Discusses Love for Miami in New Video

Coño, mira que ese Pitbull es tremendo tipo.

The Miami-born, 305-based MC recently sat down with VEVO after becoming a 100 Million Certified artist, a distinction reserved exclusively for the website's crème de la crème whose music videos have garnered more than 100 million views like Pit's "Rain Over Me" and "International Love," as well as "Hey Baby" and "Give Me Everything."

"A lot of artists, they have great music, but they can't perform," he tells VEVO. "They don't give you that energy. To be certified is definitely an honor."

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As a thank you to his followers, Pitbull graciously accepted the award on behalf of his supporters before letting four special fans split it among themselves.

"This [award] is actually for you guys," Pitbull tells four lucky fans who were chosen to present the VEVO statue to their favorite aritst. "And since it was handed to me, I think it's only right that you guys take it back with you. It's my award for you guys for showing love -- I appreciate it."

For Pit, humility is key. "Without [the fans]," he says, "there is no Pitbull."

And without Miami, there'd be no Pitbull.

"To me, Miami is so special. You don't know if it's a part of the United States, a part of the Caribbean, a part of Europe, a part of Latin America...," he says.

"When I move around Miami, I move just like if I were Armando, not Pitbull; I think that creates a different sense of respect from people. At the same time, it still allows me to feel exactly what I am: a Miami, homegrown, Dade County homeboy. When I tell you 305 till I die, I mean it."


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