La Casa Blanca!" Daleee!">

Pitbull Endorses Obama in Broward County: "Next Level! La Casa Blanca!" Daleee!

Democracy kicks serious culo, bro.

So yesterday, we here at Crossfade spent approximately four hours sizzling in the South Florida sun while waiting at the ass-end of a 23,000-person queue and enduring the screeching taunts of psychotic eight-year-old Republicans with signs that shouted, "Our Navy Seals Begged for Help and Obama Went to Bed" ...

Just to enjoy 90 minutes in Hollywood, Florida, with a football field full of sweaty Dems, a few campaign staffers and volunteers, congresswoman Frederica Wilson, former Florida governor Charlie Crist, congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and President Barack Obama.

But most of all, our homeboy Pitbull.

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Unlike many Cubanos, Armando Cristian Pérez doesn't consider the Prez to be Fidel Castro with a café-con-leche tan. In fact, despite nasty rumors about clandestine cameos at Marco Rubio's 2010 fundraisers, Pit's gone Democrat in 2012.

And he sealed the deal with a pasión-packed endorsement during Obama's final Sunshine State campaign stop at McArthur High School on Sunday.

After pep talks from Crist and Wasserman Schultz but before Obama's own rap about Romnesia, "Change," and kicking ass in Florida, Pit snatched up the mike to frantic screams and massive applause as he addressed la gente.

"It's an honor and a blessing to be right here today. It feels good to be a hometown Miami-Dade, Broward County boy. I'm here to represent my people."

"I'm a first-generation Cuban-American. I know what my family went through to try to be able to appreciate the opportunity that this country gives you."

"It was all done for the simple fact that I can enjoy the freedom and opportunity of giving my family a better future. Like I told you guys in my song: 'Next level! La Casa Blanca!'"

"It doesn't matter whether we're Latino, black, pink, purple, orange, white ... It doesn't matter, because we're all Americans."

So listen to Pit. And if you are an eligible voter who hasn't already cast a ballot ... Vota por Obama! Daleee!

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