Pig Destroyer Laid Siege to Churchill's Pub, December 15

Pig Destroyer

With Priapus, God Harvest, Implosive Disgorgence, and Maruta

Churchill's Pub, Miami

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Better Than: Thurston Moore doing anything in Miami.

Churchill's Pub had itself a busy weekend. Right on the heels of Friday night's Torche/Holly Hunt album release party, the legendary Pig Destroyer laid siege to old Winston's innards. The great thing about grindcore shows is that they run really quickly: Miami time is a fantasy in the world of grind.

The songs are usually so intense that they can't be sustained for much more than a minute. (Anything over 1:30 is considered a ballad.) And the sonic seizures these bands deal in call for only minimal periods of rest as everyone in the crowd is either dead, dying, or entirely under the control of their adrenal glands.

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David Von Bader