Photos: Rick Ross Cover, Trina Spread in This Month's Issue of The Source

The June/July issue of hip-hop bible The Source is good to Miami royalty. Take, first off, the cover story, about Mr. @rickyrozay himself. He already ruined the photographic surprise via Twitpic yesterday afternoon, but if you missed it, check out the official mag cover after the jump. The Boss looks like a straight mafia don here, down to the bowl of half-eaten pasta. (You gonna finish that?)

MTV News already leaked some of the cover story's content, saying that while Ross is synonymous with the 305, he expresses his deep connection to other cities. This includes his mother's hometown, rural Clarksdale, Mississippi:

"I always respected my culture, my people. Growing up in the streets of Miami, I saw different ways to escape a lot of conditions that I knew was around the corner in Mississippi. It always made me see the world from so many different aspects. I saw the fast life of Miami, but I also saw the slow countryside of a small, country town with a small population. I heard the struggles."

Inside the same issue, there's also a feature article and photo spread on million-dollar girl Trina. For all her racy, frank verses, though, she looks relatively modest here, even a little Gaga-esque in with a crazy gold pair of shades in one shot. Personally we're super curious about the brand and color of the different lipstick shades she rocks in the photo outtakes, which are all by Ana Ochoa. Check out the Rick Ross cover and all the extra Trina photos below.

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