Photo: Sasha Grey DJing at Louis, Before Her Happy Mondays Dance?

Think whatever you will about Sasha Grey's acting/performance art/whatever, but music snobs everywhere lust after her even more thanks to her avowed awesome and obscure music taste. Take her stage name, after all -- the "Sasha" part is reportedly cribbed from Sascha Konietzko, founder of industrial legends KMFDM.

We doubt any of the crowd at Louis on Saturday got any of that this past Saturday, when throngs turned out to ogle the girl take to the club's decks. No, the selection wasn't as dark or hard as you might expect. It's South Beach, after all, and she reportedly got a big of ghost-DJing help from the club's usual resident spinner.

Who cares, though? The punters got to see that she's just as hot in real life, as evidenced in this photo above from Greg Minasian of World Red Eye.... And she wins more of Crossfade's devotion for making a reference on her Twitter account to the great Manchester, England psychedelic dance-rockers Happy Mondays:

We sadly doubt that involved Bez's trademark maracas, but still.

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