Philly's War Pigs Play Tonight at Goo

Somehow I didn't notice that Pennsylvania's War Pigs are playing at Goo tonight, Wednesday May 27. Think of if Black Sabbath met Motorhead but they grew up listening to 1990's HC and post-HC. Amazing shredding, raw intensity, deep riffs - it's all fucking in there. If you haven't picked up their release Degeneration, do so, if this brief description tickles your fancy. It tickles mine pretty damn good. All of a sudden there is a bunch of stuff to do on a Wednesday that doesn't involve a beach mission.

Doors open at 6 p.m., and local acts Solitude, Now Breathers, Chambers, and Vultures Open. Admission is $8, and as always at Goo, the show is all-ages. myspace.com/goomiami 

See a little War Pigs clip after the jump.

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