Pete Tong and Sarah Main at Pacha Ibiza Party at the Shelborne Beach Resort, March 26

Yes, things went all Pete Tong ... and Sarah Main, Bob Sinclar, and DJ Jazzy Jeff to name a few, at Saturday's fourth annual Pacha Ibiza Pool Party at the Shelborne Beach Resort.

In the afternoon hours, party people sat sedately around the pool, enjoying the perfect weather, dipping their shins in the water and sipping on cold cocktails.

Now if you're a South Florida sun junkie, this might have looked and felt like every other Saturday -- hot half-naked babes of both sexes, fancy booze, and a non-stop stream of superfamous DJs. But for the less priviledged, it was pretty much paradise.

Red-headed Australian DJ Sarah Main, a resident DJ at famed nightclub Pacha Ibiza, smilingly stepped onto the stage at around 3 p.m. and her jazzy house beats (or her cute black and white tube top) prompted the male-dominated crowd to get off their poolside asses. She started her set with a gospel-tinged house track, the words "Mother Mary" punctuating the thumping beats.

Timmy Trumpet, a fellow Australian and master of the digital trumpet (an instrument that works like a standard trumpet but with some MIDI capabilities), brought his olive-skinned boyish good looks to the stage alongside Ms. Main, punctuating her tracks with soulful pulls on the horn.

Girls in bikinis hula-hooped, lazed on the pool deck, and moved to the groove by the stage. Guys batted around the little gold beach balls that filled the west side of the pool. Drunk people spilled drinks on their feet --- and mine --- as they danced. (Not the girls below. They were cool.)

Others offered up their scholarly opinions about the difference between the New York and Miami party scenes."The difference is that in New York, you go out to be seen. Here, you look good and you go out to have a good time," said Enrique Alvarado, a New Yorker visiting friends to celebrate an early birthday.

At 4 p.m., Pete Tong took over and he got off to a percussion-heavy start, with layers of hand drum, bass drum, clapping, and light piano. The dance floor quickly built up as Tong got deeper into his set. The party went on until 10:30 p.m., but alas, Crossfade had to dip out early to catch the wave of Ultra craziness raging into its second day across the water...

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