Perpetual Groove

It has certainly been a long, strange, but beneficial trip for Perpetual Groove since the group began touring in the fall of 2002. Singer/guitarist Brock Butler and bassist Adam Perry met in 1998 as freshmen at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Once they added a drummer and keyboardist in 2001, word about their electro-funky, jazz-inspired improvisational rock spread rapidly around the Southeast. Dedicated fans followed the band on tour, sparking the interest of music fans across the country. P-Groove's debut album, Sweet Oblivious Antidote, was the Home Grown Music Network's top seller for 2003, outsold releases by jam kings Phish and Widespread Panic, and was voted the network's top fan pick that year. The band's resumé boasts all the must-go-to festivals in the nation, including Bonnaroo, High Sierra, and South Florida's own Langerado and JamCruise. Hokey as it is, seems like the name these guys chose is spot-on.

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Stephanie Sanders

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