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Penguin Prison Makes His Miami Debut Saturday at Oh Jack

When Chris Glover (AKA Penguin Prison) tells us that he's never ever been to Miami, we are a bit shocked.



Considering the 305's unofficial status as the sixth borough, we tell him he's probably the only New Yorker who's never stepped foot in our swampy waters.

"You are from Miami?" he asks. Wait, who is interviewing who?

Glover was born and raised in Manhattan. He also studied with another famous New York musician, Alicia Keys. But it's his panache for electro-pop tunes that's quickly earned him attention from all the right places.

"New York definitely influences my music, because growing up there you see people achieving their dreams. It makes you think that one day you can achieve what they are doing too."

And it's pretty evident Glover's talents will take him pretty far. His self-titled full-length album shows command of not only instrumentation. He's got a killer voice too.

"I sing on all of the songs and play most of the instruments. I learned to play guitar when I was little. Then I just started picking up different instruments and try figuring them out myself."

Unfortunately, you won't see any of Glover's live music skills tomorrow night at Oh Jack, the Halloween party at Dream Hotel. It's only a DJ set. But don't let that deter you from checking out the Penguin Prison show. His production skills, showcased on an array of remixes his done, are impeccable. He's even laid hands on the music industry's latest it-girl, Lana Del Rey.

"I've actually known her for a while. She came over to my house one time to work on a song called 'BBM Baby.' She's really cool."

Oh Jack with Penguin Prison, Ess & Emm, and DJ Ruen. Saturday, October 29. Dream Hotel, 1111 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Doors open at 9 p.m. and tickets cost $25 to $35 via Visit

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