Peep Trina's Behind-the-Scenes Footage for "Red Bottoms" Video

When we here at Crossfade tried out for Trina's official "Red Bottoms (Long Heels)" music video last month, we tried to stay as positive as possible, thinking, Who gives a shit that we can't actually dance? It's fucking on!

Needless to say, we couldn't cut it and we cried our eyeballs out. But then the Diamond Princess herself called to cheer our sorry asses up. "Red Bottoms are the most elaborate, fun shoe by Christian Louboutin," she reminded us. "They're very tall and sexy! And I think all women should wear them!"

In other words, everyone can rock them "Red Bottoms," even losers like Crossfade.

Now despite the fact that we got slashed from the dancing staff, we totally can't wait to see director Gil Green's final cut of Trina's new vid. And thanks to Derick G, we're all getting a peek behind the scenes at our Baddest Chick squeezed into a banana yellow catsuit, kickin' it in long heels, and doing some pole dancing.

"It's a big fun, dance kinda record," Trina told us, beaming. "It's all about girls partying in the club, having a good time, mashin', whinin', doin' your favorite dances!"

So ... Step, ladies. Step, step, step.

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