Pearson Sound on Commercialized Dubstep: "Inevitable Once It Increased in Popularity"

Back in December, we here at Crossfade had a chat with Ben UFO about his Hessle Audio label's roots in the U.K.'s early underground dubstep scene.

Well, David Kennedy (AKA Pearson Sound and Ramadanman) is another Hessle cofounder, not to mention the label's foremost producer. And he boasts a forward-thinking sound that's evolved from early dubstep forays to postdubstep or future bass.

"I think the commercialization [of dubstep] was inevitable once it started increasing in popularity," Kennedy tells us. "It did bother me for a few months or so when it started happening. But then I realized it's better to focus your energy on doing something positive. Also, the crowd at these big commercial parties and festivals look like they're having an amazing time too.""

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"I can't really predict where the music will go in the next few years," Kennedy admits. "If you'd have played me a few years ago the music we have released recently, I wouldn't have seen that coming! There are always new producers popping up who are coming with fresh sounds. Someone like Mala, one of the originators, has always said he believes that there's much more to be explored within the dubstep tempo, which is what he's doing with his Mala in Cuba live project with great results."

As for Kennedy's own production work, it shows no signs of slowing down.

"I'll be releasing some new music in the next month or so, which I'm excited to get out there," he promises. "I'm sitting on quite a lot of tracks and have had a really productive spell in the studio, so I'm definitely going to get some of those out there."

In fact, you'll get a chance to preview this fresh new material in the most intimate of settings when Kennedy throws down as Pearson Sound at Bardot on Saturday.

"I love intimate small rooms," says Kennedy. "I think sometimes in the bigger clubs and festivals, some of the more subtle music can get lost and not make much sense. I'm going to be bringing lots of my new productions to test out for sure."

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