Peaches has a sense of humor that's not for everyone. It takes a particularly twisted mind to appreciate an electronic punk chick who likes to appear onstage flaunting a hot pink leather strap-on, yet her upfront, messy take on sexual hedonism has attracted a sizable fan base. She gets away with it because her wit is as loud as the color of her accessories. It's splashed all across her sophomore effort Fatherfucker, from the title to the songs themselves, and is ultimately hard to resist even if you try your damndest.

Peaches has the most fun laughing and sticking up her middle finger on the opener, "I Don't Give A ...," where she screams pure obscenities over a loop sampled from Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation." The undisputed musical highlight, though, is "Kick It," a lyrical sparring match where she trades sass with Iggy Pop over an insistent kick drum punctuated by a sampled power guitar riff. Though its construction is no more elaborate than most of the other songs here -- she uses one drum machine to make all of her tunes, so they're all basic and loop-based -- it dwarfs everything else on the album with its satisfying completeness. She also duets with singer Taylor Savvy on a booty-bumping ode to oral sex called "Stuff Me Up," their sweet vocal tones contrasting with the filthiness of their mouths. Fatherfucker serves well as long as it's kept far away from prudes or conservatives and saved for raunchy friends who don't take anything too seriously.

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Tamara Palmer