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Paulina Rubio, Latin Pop Sexpot, Sued for Beating Down Male Assistant at Miami Airport

Plenty of pervs (including certain particularly twisted members of the Crossfade staff) would probably pay for the pleasure of being punched, kicked, and slapped in public by Latin pop sexpot Paulina Rubio.

But not her former male assistant, Mr. Felipe Restrepo Betancur.

This guy's suing Ms. Rubio for allegedly beating his ass at a Miami airport during a temper tantrum over delayed and downgraded air travel.

And yeah ... He wants $250,000 for the pain and suffering of being dominated by a Mexican diva.

As reported by TMZ, Restrepo Betancur's lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Florida, claiming that Rubio freaked out after failing to catch a first-class flight to Mexico and then getting stuck with shitty seats in coach.

The result: An apparent all-out hissy fit, involving punches and kicks and slaps and the throwing of small projectiles, that left the male assistant with scratches and bruises. Oh, and emotional damage.

Sounds like the kind of encounter that might've gotten Crossfade uncomfortably aroused. But not especially litigious. And Paulina's lawyer is calling bullshit on Restrepo Betancur too.

"The moment after being fired and eventually recovering from his inebriation," the attorney tells TMZ in a written statement, "Mr. Restrepo ran to an attorney who was representing another individual in a meritless lawsuit previously filed against Ms. Rubio's company Link Tours, Inc."

"Incredibly, Mr. Restrepo has concocted a fable about being beaten by a woman half his size."

"Notably absent from this entire story is any reference that this 'beating and humiliation' was documented or observed by anyone on the flight."

Two other things "absent from this entire story" ... A ball gag and a studded whip.

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