Paul McCartney Rescues Mark Ronson From Drowning! And Five Other Life-Saving Pop Stars

He's one-fourth of the Beatles and he's arguably one of the most influential musicians of all time. But in Mark Ronson's eyes, Sir Paul McCartney is a goddamn hero.

When Ronson was a child, he and his family spent a lot of time at a beach in Long Island. Coincidently, McCartney and first wife, Linda, also frequented the area, often running into Ronson's parents there.

But the McCartneys and Ronsons got particularly close on the day when Paul saved young Mark from drowning.

"That sounded like one of my mum's crazy stories," Ronson tells Britain's Live Magazine. "But then I did a song with Paul McCartney a few months ago. After a couple of days in the studio, he came in and said, 'Your mum's Ann...'

"I told him about my mum's story that he saved me from drowning one time, and he said he vaguely remembered something like that."

While McCartney's heroic efforts are commendable, he's not the only musician to have risked life and limb to save someone else.

Check out our list of life-saving rockers, rappers, and pop stars.

JC Chasez

N'Sync alumnus JC Chasez was kicking it on Miami Beach earlier this year when he noticed a helicopter hovering uncomfortably close to the ground. The chopper's blades made it mad windy, sending an oversized beach umbrella tumbling toward a one-year-old child. Chasez, quick to react, jumped in front of the sunshade and blocked it from injuring the kid.

"Shirel is safe because of him," said Netali Nissim, the child's mother. "I want to tell him thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it had not been for him, my daughter could have been hurt."

Now if only someone would save Chasez's career.

Vinnie Stigma of Agnostic Front

It certainly wasn't by the grace of god that a car didn't hit a small Australian child last year. It was thanks to the heroic efforts of Agnostic Front's Vinne Stigma.

According the reports, the hardcore guitarist saw a kid run into a busy street. Immediately, Mr. Stigma grabbed the child and jumped out of harm's way, just as a speeding car passed them. No one was hurt, but Stigma's boots got clipped in the process.

Dave Grohl

Okay, so no one's life may have been in danger, but some dickhead started a fight during the Foo Fighters' iTunes Festival appearance last year and really pissed Dave off.

"You don't come to my show and fight, you come to my show and fucking dance, you asshole," Grohl yelled. "Get the fuck out of here. I don't put up with that bullshit; you people come here to have a good time. That guy could fuck off!"

Crisis avoided.


Not long after being released from prison, a rehabilitated T.I. talked a man down from the side of a building. The would-be jumper was set to take his own life, but T.I.'s encouraging words were enough to live another day.

"Something in me just said, 'Man, you gotta try and help. You gotta do whatever you can,'" T.I. told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I'm not taking any credit, it could have been resolved in another way. The fact of the matter is God put me in a position, and put in my spirit to be in the position to help, and I can't take any credit for that."

Ol' Dirty Bastard

The late Wu-Tang member was in a Brooklyn studio in 1998 when a four-year-old girl was struck by a car outside their building. Dirty and his friends helped lift the automobile off the girl and later visited the hospital to see how she was doing.

The world needs more Ol' Dirty Bastards.

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