Forget about Spider-Man and his hots for his high school honey. And if you're looking to Star Wars for love interest, well, look again. For truly otherworldly passion among superhumans turn to the Patakin, the stories of the dalliances and daredevil antics of the orishas, the deities of the once-powerful West African kingdom Yorubaland. Iroko Afro-Cuban Dance Theater stages the romance between Oya, fierce goddess of the wind and guardian of the cemetery, and Shangó, virile master of thunder, fire, and pleasure. Can they dance? Listen bud, the pair may not have radioactive blood but from their love is born the mischievous god Eleggua, he who opens and closes all paths in life. Dancer/director/choreographer Elena Garcia leads her troupe through the travails of love, while Viviana Pintado's haunting voice sets the mood and the flames are fanned by percussionists Yoel del Sol and William Varela and drummer Jimmy Daniel.

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Celeste Fraser Delgado