Parallels Return to Miami at the Vagabond May 21

Isn't it funny how sometimes a band's name could give you a false impression of what the actual band does? Mmm, irony. Tasty.

Who the hell knows why Canadian synth-pop duo Parallels decided to go with that name. And who the hell cares? A rose by any other and all that, right? But despite readily available parallels that music critics have drawn between them and artists like New Order and Kate Bush, quick comparisons for easy reference just seem like an easy out.

No, they're not the first band to pull together the dark and moody yet atmospheric and even danceable elements that populate this new age New Age style. Hell, one half of the band, drummer and producer Cameron Findley once pounded out a beat for just such an outfit -- a little group called Crystal Castles. But he and vocalist-producer Holly Dodson certainly do give it their own spin, and her demure and subtly breathy vocals are undoubtedly an integral part of it.

Don't believe us? Well, if you missed your chance to witness Parallels live when they were here during Halloween, you can catch them in concert and see for yourself next month. Just today, they kicked off their U.S. Visionaries Tour, which will bring them to SoFla in late May (May 15 in Tampa and West Palm on May 19), and back to Miami on May 21 for a show at Vagabond. They'll be sharing tuneage off the brand-new Salomé EP, not to mention sounds from their full-length debut Visionaries, re-released in the U.S. in October.

And -- spoiler alert! -- check back with us in a few weeks for an interview with Parallels, where we might just ask them why they're called Parallels. And probably, whether they think Canadian bacon is better than the real thing.

Parallels. Saturday, May 21. The Vagabond, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. Call 305-379-0508 or visit thevagabondmiami.com.

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