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Parable MC Takes America, Talks 40 Days of Warped Tour, New Music, and Video

Professional hip hop lyricist Parable MC only spent three months out of the last year in Miami. The rest of the time he was working events across America as an MC for hire. He was on a side stage at the Superbowl, and working at a Lil Wayne concert too.

But when he hitches a ride on the Warped Tour this year for 40 shows, he'll be performing his own music on the Bring It Back Stage and repping Miami all day.

He's currently releasing singles with local indie vocalist Mac Soto, and today he's releasing a freestyle video for his song, "Words I Never Said," over a Lupe Fiasco beat.

But before he starts with Warped, he's gotta handle business on the road. He says, "I leave on Wedneseday for another four-month tour hosting and MCing events everywhere from malls to clubs, and hitting radio stations. I bounce on Wednseday and I wont be back until August."

Crossfade: How does the rest of the country look to you?

MC Parable: Chicago is beautiful, LA is amazing, but a lot of the smaller cities like Rockford, Illiniois, and Duluth Minnesota, the small back alley spots, when I go to those they don't compare at all to Miami. My whole mentality is that the world is so big, there's so much to explore. The world is one big ass place, and I'm grateful I get to travel for music and work and my work is my music

What is the deal with the Mac Soto project?

We have no solid idea for a full release right now, we're just track by track releasing songs spreading the buzz.

Any shout outs?

Shout outs to Lou and the whole Anti Steez, DJ Guilletine, Dave Donado, Mac Soto for sticking by my side in this new venture, the rest if the Miami home team, Miami Beat Wave, !Mayday!. It's awesome to be part of a family of artists or scene repping Miami and music in their own way, and I'm proud to take that on the road with me  y'know.

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