Panic Bomber Releases Video For "Visit From the Grave" and Announces New EP For July 5

If you didn't already know it, Crossfade loves pretty much anything local act Panic Bomber produces. We've adored him ever since he dropped his demo, Calling in Threats, in 2008. And even though the Bomber, real name Richard Haig, admitted early on that the demo was a response to Miami's perceived lack of love for live instrumentation, he couldn't deny that his musical manifesto was insanely catchy and local audiences were loving it.

He later found a more careful balance with his full-length Getting On My Mind and the Discipline EP by incorporating a live horn section into carefully calculated beats. So it's no surprise that he's taking it a step further with his upcoming EP, Domestic Violins, which drops via Toronto's YYZ Records July 5. The EP is being touted as less vocal-oriented than his previous efforts and "a foray into DJ-able dance track pieces."

For a dance music artist, the move makes sense -- create tracks that you can share with DJs worldwide and hope they catch on. And from what we've heard of the first single, "Visit From the Grave," Haig isn't giving up on music composition or catchy hooks.

In fact, he's dropped a video for the single, filmed around downtown Miami and Wynwood, which he co-directed with photographer Stian Roenning.

Domestic Violins Tracklist:

1. "Visit from the Grave" (Feat. Madam Asuka)
2. "Null Rider"
3. "Kill the Beast"
4. "Snakes of Hawaii"
5. "Space Adventure!"

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