Will Pachanga Boys bust out another 24 hour set tonight in Miami?
Will Pachanga Boys bust out another 24 hour set tonight in Miami?
Photo Courtesy of Pachanga Boys

Pachanga Boys Bring High-Endurance Live Music to Miami

If you are a literalist and head to Trade tonight expecting to hear Pachanga music, you will be sorely disappointed. If, however, you wish to dance the extended night away to a medley of electronic waves and beats, The Pachanga Boys will not let you down. Made up of native Mexican Mauricio Rebolledo and Aksel Schaufler, who hails from Germany, Pachanga Boys are an international conglomerate known to play music beyond the limits of human endurance, including one set in Mexico that lasted over 24 hours.

New Times was granted a brief audience with Mauricio Rebodello where he concisely answered questions about the group's origins, influences, and what keeps the Pachanga Boys' motors running when others might drop.

Miami New Times: How did the two of you first decide to join forces?

Mauricio Rebolledo: It was not a matter of music making us be together. It was really more about the friendship and the good times. Music came as a consequence of that. Nothing was planned. It just happened.

You guys once played a 25 hour set. Do any memories night stick out?

So many memories. The incredible pain in the legs, feet and back for the last hours, the cool ice-cream girl who came in the club with her little cart to give away some super refreshing cones, the roller coaster of emotions some of the attendees went through. There were laughs, there were eyes closed, there were smiles, there were tears.

What did you do to keep yourselves going?

The main fuel to keep going was to have people in the dance floor willing to dance to the next track. And there can always be a next track.

Your previous records came with coloring activities and postcards are there other interactive features you have planned for future releases?

Yeah, some nice new stuff is coming soon, but details are classified.

Have you had to deal with anyone showing up at your shows mad that you're not playing pachanga music?

We deal more often with mad people because we didn't play the one track they know.

Is there any music, art, and/or life experiences that are currently influencing you guys?

So many things. All the traveling, the food, our cool ladies. It's too hard to pin point specific elements. We don´t care too much about music trends. Our input always comes from other sources, not necessarily music. Almost never actually.

What can we expect from your set at Trade?

A proper pachanga full of sweat and tears. See you there!

Pachanga Boys. 11 p.m. Friday, June 26, at Trade, 1439 Washington Ave, Miami Beach. Call 305-531-6666 or visit trademia.com. Tickets cost $15 to $20 plus fees via residentadvisor.net.

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