Our Rundown of Miami's Best Albums, EPs, and Mixtapes of 2010

The swamps and warehouse squats, Carol City and Coco's Nightclub, South Beach and the megaclubs -- our city's music scene is the product of so many split-up, spliced, and remixed sources that any attempted overview of its output will inevitably seem insufficient and incomplete.

But here at Crossfade, we don't sweat that kind of stuff. We just charged ahead, dug into the massive stacks of music clogging our cubicles, and proceeded maniacally with our end-of-the-year listmaking. The result: An unranked, non-genre-specific rundown of Miami's best albums, EPs, and mixtapes released over the last 365 days.

So scan our picks, send us your grievances, and stay plugged into 'cause we'll be running through two favorites per day for the next couple of weeks.

Check the cut for the full list so far.

The Big Winners

-Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being

-Lil Daggers' King Corpse 7"

-Afrobeta's Do You Party? EP

-Lazaro Casanova's Soul Food EP

-Suénalo's Live at Transit

-Dino Felipe's My Vomit Is a Crystal Ball

-Panic Bomber's Discipline EP

-J. Nics's Stimulus Package EP

-Bulletproof Tiger's Starving Hearts EP

-Rick Ross's Teflon Don

The Runners-Up

-John Hancock's Antenna Death

-Space Between Words' And We All Follow the Sun

-Locos Por Juana's Evolucion EP

-Beings' Self-Titled EP

-Axe and the Oak's Record Store Day EP

-ArtOfficial's The Payback

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