Only Half of Yo Majesty, After All, Will Appear at White Room Next Tuesday

Last week, I wrote a little preview on the Yo Majesty show set for next Tuesday at White Room, summarizing the duo's on-and-off internal turmoil. MCs Shunda K and Jewel B sometimes refuse to pose for photo shoots together and do interviews separately, and then just as quickly seem to reunite. The group last came to Miami in the early summer of 2008, and when I interviewed both women (separately), they informed me that Jewel B had left the tour early and gone home to Tampa.

Still, it seemed like everything was okay, and that they were back to performing together for this current tour. Then I got this mass e-mail yesterday from their tour publicist, Ryan Weinstein at Biz 3 in Chicago:

"Just Fyi:

Unfortunately Jewel B of Yo Majesty will not be attending the tour commencing today due to personal reasons making it impossible for her to travel.  Shunda K will continue on with the Yo Majesty show, as she has in the past to great reviews."


Well, so much for that. It's becoming increasingly clear that Shunda K is the group's backbone, and will continue to use the Yo Majesty name as a framework for herself beside a rotating cast of friends and guests. She's so high-energy, though, that the show should still be a good time.

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